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What you need to know about the PIRB’s new system and logging CPD points:

Calling all PIRB registered plumbers,

With regard to the PIRB’s new system: Please note that registered plumbers will be required to submit and record their CPD points for Articulate-it courses and Plumber’s evenings themselves.

To do this log into your plumber’s profile, click on submit ‘CPD’ and click on the dropdown menu to choose the correct option.

The PIRB’s CPD department will verify the information when it is submitted (plumbers will have up to a week to submit the CPD points with regard to Articulate-it courses and Plumber’s evenings).

The PIRB’s calls on every registered plumber to take responsibility for their CPD points and keep evidence of tasks completed to avoid disappointment.

Please email or for more information,

Thank you,

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