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What makes or breaks a Roadshow

Understanding the importance of branding and marketing in business is crucial in today’s increasingly competitive world. Businesses need to go the extra mile of ensuring that they stand out in a crowd. They need to ensure that they constantly cater to the needs of their customers and continually nurture a life-long relationship with them. One of the ways to do this is with Roadshow’s

With social media, consumers get exposed to new brands every day, this gives much room for consumers to forget about your brand. This can be minimised with Roadshows. By meeting your consumers and finding more personalised methods to improve their lives, it ensures that your brand is memorable which ultimately helps the brand stand out in a crowd.

This is true for most brands, but in the plumbing industry, it stretches far beyond that. Plumbing and water affects everyone in the world, it is therefore vital that the people that deal with these elements are well-equipped to carry out their jobs. It is equally important for people to understand the importance of using qualified plumbers.

In a quest to do just that, the PIRB was greeted by the mining city’s friendly people in the North West Roadshow this past September. The plumbers were happy to meet the PIRB at BUCO Klerksdorp and Rustenburg on the 26th and 27th of September, respectively.

At our first stop, Klerksdorp, the town was quiet, but the curiosity was endless. Plumbers had questions that were technical and got the help and the relevant insights from Dave, an IOPSA auditor and licensed plumber. A lot of plumbers were happy to see him. This is indicative of the long-lasting relationship built by Dave and the plumbers in the areas. The many questions were of help because they enabled PIRB to provide clarity to the plumbers. It also helped us to connect with the plumbers.

Homeowners were equally curious and got help from the PIRB team. One might ask, why is there a need to talk to homeowners? The answer is simple and goes back to the introduction, plumbing affects everyone in the world. It is not only the job of plumbers to understand plumbing systems but it is important for consumers to understand the importance of using a qualified and licenced plumbers.

When the PIRB goes across South Africa to meet homeowners and plumbers, what makes a success of the event isn’t the large numbers of people that come to get CPD points without engaging with us. Success to us is defined by plumbers finding comfort in understanding the inner dealings of the PIRB i.e why things work the way they do and how to reap the benefits of being aligned with a professional body. Success comes with keeping the public informed and educated about water and the systems that transports it to us for our daily consumption.

This is something that was achieved this past Roadshow in North West. Thank you to North West for the warm welcome. And a special thank you to BUCO Klerksdorp and Rustenburg.

Our journey continues this month in Western Cape. Our first stop will be at On Tap, Paarl on the 24th of October. The following day, 25 October we will be meeting plumbers and consumers at Waterstone, Durbanville.

See you on the road!

Written by Naomi Bango

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