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Top 10 characteristics of a great plumber

Plumber holding a Toilet plunger

This week we’re exploring the characteristics of a sought-after plumber, to not only get the job, but pump the referrals. PIRB represents the best of the best, whether you’re starting your career or looking for the right guy for the job, look no further as we draw out a list of attributes that are essential to keeping your plumbing in good shape.

1.PIRB Registered

Increasingly more municipalities, local authorities and insurance companies require that any
person working on plumbing works within their jurisdiction must be registered with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB). These authorities require PIRB Plumbing certificates (CoC’s) when installing, repairing or doing plumbing works. A licensed PIRB plumber is also guaranteed to have the right certification and qualifications necessary.

2. Experience

As with anything, the more you work at it the better you will become. Experienced plumbers will have seen and solved a vast array of problems over the years and are more likely to know the right thing to do. While younger plumbers can still offer a great service, look out for those that have completed apprenticeships.

3. Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are important when listening and understanding a client’s problem and explaining the best way to solve it. A calm and easy manner of communication is essential to ease the client’s concerns and avoid chances of misunderstandings and potential conflicts.

4. Punctuality

Great plumbers are always on time. Punctuality is associated with good customer service and a great work etiquette. It will contribute to earning you a level of respect within the community.

5. Coordination Skills

Coordination skills come in handy when working in small spaces with many tools. Often, plumbers will find themselves negotiating tight, unfamiliar spaces and in order to do the job most efficiently, coordination can be the best tool of all.

6. Safety First

It is essential that plumbers have a strong regard for safety in their practice. Problems need to be tackled in a skillful way while still following safety procedures accurately.

7. Dedication

A great plumber is a dedicated plumber. Plumbers that are dedicated to their customers and maintaining a level of quality will always outshine ones that do not. Dedicated plumbers are enthusiastic, ready to solve a problem and willing to put their best foot forward, no matter the hour. Real dedication to work and dependability is the fast track to success.

8. Mechanically Inclined

There are many mechanical and technical aspects to the plumbing trade. Plumbers need not only be good with their hands, but with their analytical and mechanical sides too. Knowing what type of tubing is most efficient, or how the water valve works are essential components to ensuring a job well done. Great plumbers are mechanically inclined, naturally navigating the minefield of plumbing troubleshooting.

9. Good shape

Being in good physical form is essential when navigating some of the tight spaces plumbers might find themselves in. A job may lead you to a rooftop, or a tight space under a sink, and in order to reduce injury it’s important to be in good shape so that exerting yourself physically is not the biggest problem you have to fix that week.

10. Problem Solving

Problem solving is important to any industry, but plumbers that are naturally problem solvers make for great ones. Often a job will call for a quick evaluation, great plumbers are able to navigate the options efficiently and find the best course of action to follow.

If you’re looking for a plumber, keep an eye out on our website as we have a section specifically designed for that purpose coming soon. If you are a plumber and you are not registered yet, do the right thing for your career and register now. Here is everything you need to know. We hope these top 10 characteristics of a great plumber helped you put your best foot forward today.

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