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The PIRB’s auditor’s casebook 4: Interacting with Decision Makers

PIRB Auditor's Casebook

In the PIRB’s most recent Technical Talks for the Professional Plumber Podcast, Richard Bailie discusses the interaction, as a responsible plumber, with decision-makers, and the importance of plumbers being involved in constructive discussions around the designs of buildings to make provision for compliant plumbing installations.

“My main keyword for this discussion is ‘mindset’…mindset change. I think that is a glaring omission in the psyche.” Richard says in the podcast.

He says that plumbers need to look at the perceptions of themselves and becoming a decision-maker rather than being a follower.

“People expect me to sign a declaration [referring to the PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC)] when I am done with an installation but deny me the right to make decisions.”

Therefore, he suggests that as a responsible plumber, we have the right to influence design decisions.

“Think about the inaccessibility of pipework – it is a discussion that can take place [and maybe changing the design] in order for you to do your job. If we just have the conversations in a constructive manner, I think this is where we can make difference.”

You can listen to the full conversation over here:

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