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The Current State of Plumbing in South Africa – 2019

Plumber holding a pipe wrench

Did you know that South Africa has been classified as a water-stressed country by the United Nations Environmental Program? With an annual rainfall of less than 500mm, we fall significantly lower than the world average of 860mm. It’s no news that we need to use water responsibly, but it is time we addressed and minimized water loss as a result of ineffective water supply systems.

Municipalities are responsible for purifying and delivering water to consumers through a piped distribution system. From the property boundaries, the installation and maintenance of the plumbing system (water distribution) is the consumer’s responsibility. It is essential that the installation and plumbing components (taps, geysers, pipes, etc) comply with the nation’s high standards, ensuring the safe and effective supply of water to the consumer.

In order to meet these high standards, plumbers need not only have a countrywide qualification, but also be registered with the Plumbers Industry Regulatory Board (PIRB). This identification is required by insurance companies, municipalities and the building industry in order to meet the South African National Standards compliance requirements. Once registered with PIRB, plumbers will have access to CoC’s (PIRB plumbing certificates), the paperwork required for the aforementioned industries.

“Promoting and supporting a consistent and effective regulatory environment in South Africa” – PIRB

Additionally to complying with SANS, plumbers are also required to comply with local municipal bylaws and practice the regulations set out by the National Standards of Water Service Act 1997 Amended (8 June 2001). Being a registered PIRB member, plumbers are recognised and preferred by municipalities, insurance companies and the community.

Depending on your current level within the plumbing industry, PIRB has set out various designations to suite every level. Find the category to best suite you based on your experience and qualifications here. You will also find what is required to be a practising member of the institution, as well as the code of conduct expected. You will then need to complete and submit the registration form

A Registered PIRB Plumber Is A Recognised, Competent And Properly Accredited Trades-Person You Can Trust!

As human consumption increases, freshwater becomes more of a limited resource. Plumbers therefore play a significant role in the preservation and sanitation of consumer’s water, a role that should be respected and done efficiently. As a registered PIRB member, plumbers form part of a well-respected institution that works together to ensure the meeting of industry standards as per SANS. For more information see the PIRB website:

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