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Small Businesses and the current economic crisis

Today’s economy might bring some headache and panic amongst many, but this is the time for small businesses to thrive and reach for the stars as more and more opportunities arise daily. After Covid, many South Africans realised the importance of saving money, DIY projects were getting back in the trend and many tried to save a buck by doing alterations and even maintenance themselves. The results were shocking as communities soon realised the importance of professional tradesmen.

With a small business you can easily provide a good affordable service without carrying a huge risk in the market. You can be competitive with pricing and easily join the big leagues creating just as much work opportunities in your city. I suggest that all small businesses owners target their scope of profession and concentrate on only that, for example if you are really good at Geysers rather stick with Geyser installations.

Today is all about quality and affordability, don’t get caught on something outside your experience that might cause a bad review later. Target what you are good at, nobody really wants a “Jack of all Trades” Technology plays a huge part in our daily lives and slowly but surly you would have to except that changing your way of invoicing, quotations and advertising is no longer a thought but a must. Keeping up with a paperless system is hard, but trust me only for the first months, thereafter the result will leave you speechless. Adapt yourself to the new age, by means of trying out new products and San ware. Its always best to keep your company open minded and a little futuristic. Approach changes and new items, they might give you a better understanding of their capabilities and quality. Suggest something different to your clients when choosing layouts, don’t stick to the old fashioned. Become the difference in your trade. Slowly start to invest in your equipment and vehicles, the old “Bakkie -Plumbers “trend is soon fading as many approaches a professional outlook on their vehicles and equipment. Advertise! Running hand in hand alongside with technology upgrades. Open yourself to a social network system and platforms- this are the areas where potential customers are sourced. Also, a place to share your completed projects and current updates.

Nowadays the community likes to follow and what better than the social platforms they are providing us with? Be positive and think PLUMBING

Written by article competition winner, Dean Schoeman

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