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Rate My Work: Submit content on the PIRB’s Community Board

PIRB Community Board FAQ Steps

The Plumbing Industry Regsitration Board (PIRB) recently launched its Community Board – a platform similar to that of Reddit.

Community Board is therefore a social aggregation, web content rating, and discussion application. Registered PIRB Plumbers can submit content to the application such as links, text posts, and images, which are then voted up or down by other community members.

Here, plumbers can either vote each other’s work up or down (up as a means of ‘like’ and down as a means of ‘unlike’). At the end of the month, the PIRB will be able to identify plumbers with the best or highest voted posts within a specified time frame.

To upload content on Community Board, make sure to download and complete the registration on the Plumber’s App (called APP PLUMBER) on Google Playstore. Then look for the ‘Community Board’ button and open the application. Proceed to click on the + button below to upload your post.

About the Plumber’s App:

As an integrated platform, this App is a convenient one-stop-shop that caters for many of your needs as a professional plumber.

It offers easy access to IOPSA’s website and its eLearning Management System, as well as easy access to the PIRB’s website and their Audit-IT System, allowing you to easily contact, interact and transact with both organisations.

Add to that a few additional, useful tools, like Site Risk Assessments, Vehicle Checklists, Service Rate- and Call Out Fee Calculators, Product- and Installation Guides, a Buy & Sell portal, a Plumber Finder Tool, a link to interesting and informative Podcasts, and much more, we’re sure you’ll agree that this is the App that all plumbers need at the tip of their fingers.


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