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Road Show – Northern Cape & Free State

Northern Cape and Free State

On 29 August, the PIRB visited Kimberly, the capital city of Northern Cape, known for its 19th century diamond mines. Buco Kimberly Fabricia hosted us and gave us a platform to engage with the plumbers in the area. Representation and growth are of utmost importance to the PIRB, and we have realized that the Northern Cape is underrepresented when it comes to professional and registered plumbers. Our mandate when engaging with the plumbers, was to encourage them to become qualified and registered to professionalise the industry. This was met with great enthusiasm and excitement, because most individuals just didn’t have the information and having us there meeting face to face made it a little easier for them to ask questions and make a commitment.


On the 31st of August, the PIRB took the plumbing industry road show to Mangaung. In Bloemfonteing, Berlesell Plumbing suppliers hosted the PIRB and multiple organizations representing the plumbing industry at their premises in Bloemfontein. ABE, Ariston, Lixil, Advanced Valves, Valve Technologies, Meissen, Cachet and Kwikot participated in the Bloemfontein leg of the plumbing industry road show. Plumbers showed up in their numbers and it was a huge success filled with great conversations around propelling plumbing forward. A special recognition to Michelle and Berlesell for being gracious hosts and their effort. It is because of partnerships like this we continue to move the industry forward. We look forward to doing this again next year!

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