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Renewal Info


Renewal Process

How to renew your PIRB practitioner membership.

Renewal Fees

The cost of renewing your PIRB membership.

Update /Renewal  Form

Update your membership information.

PIRB plumbers are recognized and competent tradespeople who are properly accredited. Renewing your PIRB license annually ensures that you remain a recognized plumber as well as being able to issue Certificates of Compliance.

Why renew?

  • Distinguished PIRB Registered plumbers are respected within the industry
  • PIRB Registered plumbers are recognized and preferred by the community
  • Uphold the pride, accountability and professionalism within the industry
  • Raise the standard of plumbing work in South Africa
  • Promote public trust in plumbers and plumbing within South Africa
  • Ensuring compliance and industry standards by issuing the PIRB Plumbing Certificate of Compliance as per the South African
  • National Standards requirements