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Cost of Registration | Effective 1 April 2018

  • Licensed/ Qualified Plumber: R814.00 | With PIRB Card: R981.00
  • Learner Plumber: R631.50 | With PIRB Card: R798.00

Cost of Renewal | Lapsed Renewal

  • Licensed/ Qualified Plumber: R703.50
  • Learner Plumber: R521.00

Cost of PIRB Plumbing Certificate of Compliance/CoC

  • Paper CoC: R161.40
  • Electronic CoC: R152.78

* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* An administration fee of R250.00 (excl vat) will be applied to all new and lapsed registrations

If you apply for two or more categories you only pay the registration fee for the highest category for which you are applying.
All registered plumbers must reapply for registration one calendar month before the renewal date that appears on their respective registration cards.

NB: Due to the government verification departments now charging for the verification enquiry, there has been an increase in PIRB Registration fees.