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Registration Faq


How do I register?

To become a registered plumber with the PIRB, you must meet the stated requirements of PIRB. To register, fill and complete all the details necessary by following this link: Alternatively, the registration form can be found at or you can email

Why should I register with the PIRB?

If you are serious about your profession and you want to be recognised as a professional, it is in your best interest to do so.

Further to this:

  • In terms of the SAQA Professional Body requirements: A professional designation indicates registration of the individual with a professional body, and where relevant, the right to practice in the particular field of expertise governed by the professional body.
  • For all plumbing works completed, plumbers are required to issue a PIRB plumbing certificate of compliance. Only PIRB Licensed Plumbers can issue these certificates.

What is the cost of registration?

The current cost of registration can be found at

How long does the registration process take?

If your application and paperwork are in order and subject to verification of your certificates it will take on average ten to 12 working days to become registered as a qualified plumber, learner or technical assistance or operating practitioner. Qualified Plumbers wishing to become Licensed and issue COC’s will still be required to write and pass the relevant PIRB assessments.

What is a licensed designation?

A licensed plumber designation refers to a category or designation of registration with which the plumber can be registered with the PIRB. Other designations include learner, assistant practitioner, operating practitioner, qualified plumber, and Master Plumbers. The importance of registering as a licensed plumber allows you to issue the PIRB certificate of compliance.

What is the difference between a registered and licensed plumber designation?

While both designations require that a plumber must be qualified, the licensed plumber designation allows the plumber to issue the PIRB certificate of compliance.

Why is the PIRB assessing me, I am qualified?

The assessment allows the PIRB to ascertain your knowledge and understanding of the respective plumbing South African National Standards and regulations. Once you have passed the assessment you will be allowed to issue the PIRB certificate of compliance. The PIRB reserves the right to call you up for an assessment at any time if it feels that you do not have the necessary knowledge and understanding of the respective plumbing South African National Standards and regulations.

What is the PIRB registration cycle?

The PIRB registration cycle refers to the yearly cycle of registration with the PIRB. The registration cycle for each registered plumber is different as it will start on the month in which you registered with the PIRB. For example, if you registered in July your PIRB registration cycle will be from July to June the following year.

Can my registration date change?

As an example, if your registration cycle is July to June and you renew two months late in August, your registration date will remain July to June and will not change to an August to July cycle,

What happens if I do not renew my registration?

A plumber who does not re-register will become inactive with the PIRB until they renew their registration. Inactive licensed plumbers will not be able to obtain or issues the PIRB certificates of compliance. Late registration may also result in administration penalty fees being charged.

Why is there a late renewal administrative fee?

Late renewals result in additional administrative work and costs. This allows for the PIRB to recover these costs.

Why must I pay an additional fee for a registration card?

Previously the PIRB yearly registration fee included a physical card and the postage thereof. As a result of plumbers not wishing to have a physical card and rather just using the electronic card, the PIRB decided to remove this fee from the yearly registration fee. It is now the choice of the plumber if they would like a physical registration card and pay the associated cost thereof.

Why are my certificates and documents verified? 

Due to the high number of misrepresented certificates received by the PIRB, verification of certificates is required. This verification is done by a third party.

What is a specialisation such as solar or heat pump?

A plumber can add to their personal development and expertise by specialising. To obtain a PIRB specialisation a plumber must undergo the necessary approved and accredited training and then undergo the relevant PIRB specialisation assessment.

How do I update my registration details?

Updating of certain registrations details can be done directly on your PIRB online profile.

How do I renew my registration?

Visit the PIRB’s website to download the renewal form (and send it to if your details have changed, otherwise please check your plumber’s profile to see your invoice. Alternatively, please email

How do I log into my online portal?

Visit the PIRB’s website, click “Plumber Login” and enter your username (your email address) and password.