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Read: Kwadukuza Municipality now requires PIRB CoC for final drainage inspection

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With the Plumbing Industry Registration Board’s (PIRB) objective of actively promoting and supporting a consistent and effective regulatory environment throughout South Africa, the PIRB acknowledge the bold step taken by the Kwadukuza Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal to also embrace and implement the Plumbing Industry Professional Body’s Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

The Kwadukuza Municipality-Building Control Section made a formal announcement earlier in October, saying:

“Kindly be informed that the Control Section has resolved to reform its current processes for building inspections,” reads the statement set out by the Director of Development Planning, Mr Mava Ntanta. “This emanated through numerous engagements with all affected outside stakeholders, colleagues, and clients of the Kwadukuza Municipality. Over and above the aforementioned, we also envisage achieving a less tedious but efficient process.”

This process will ultimately be implemented from 4 November 2019.

New Reforms within the Building Inspector Unit at Kwadukuza Municipality

One of the new reforms require an appointed professional plumber to submit, over and above the current Kwadukuza Plumbers Compliance Certificate, a PIRB Certificate of Compliance (CoC) when it comes to the final drainage inspection.

“This means that all plumbers performing plumbing installations within our region will now be compelled to register with their respective council.”

Furthermore, all unlicensed or unregistered plumbers will have to perform this duty under the direct supervision of a registered and qualified professional plumber, and it is, therefore, the responsibility of each plumber to make sure their registration is up to date and valid.

We like to thank the Mr Mava Ntanta and the Kwadukuza Municipality-Building Control Section for this bold step in helping us and the South African Plumbing sector, in proactively working and promoting plumbing practices that are protecting not only the health and safety and wellbeing of the South African community but protecting the integrity of the South African water supply and wastewater systems.

 About the PIRB CoC:

The PIRB CoC is a system whereby a licensed plumbing practitioner will self-certify their plumbing work by issuing a plumbing certificate of compliance to the relevant owner, municipality, local authority and/or insurance company.

Through the process, the licensed plumber shall take ownership of their plumbing work and be held accountable for the said works.

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance are issued by licensed plumbers to certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory installations’ requirements.

A Plumbing certificate of compliance shall be issued to the relevant owner with five working days of the completion of the said plumbing works.

It is important to know that only a licensed plumber may purchase and issue compliance certificates.

It is illegal for any person who works on a plumbing installation if he/she is not a qualified plumber or not working under the adequate supervision of a qualified plumber. Registered persons under the category of qualified plumbers are qualified plumbers and may carry out plumbing works and may supervise non-qualified plumbers or plumbing learners, however, they will not be allowed to purchase or issue Plumbing Certificate Compliance for plumbing installations.

Please read more about registration with the PIRB over here or contact

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