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Plumbing Industry Road Show – Mpumalanga

Written by Keke Khabele

Our journey to the place where the sun rises coincided with one of the coldest weeks of the year. The PIRB made its first stop in the Province at Plumblink, Middleburg. Plumbers showed up in staggering numbers, and the quest to get even more plumbers registered is well on the way to paying off after huge interest was shown to become part of the PIRB’s licensed/registered plumbers. The best part of engaging with plumbers in Middleburg is that they shared a great deal about the growing plumbing community and their keenness to professionalise and grow plumbing within the province.  A great turnout under challenging conditions gave us confidence in tackling Secunda the following morning.

Build It Secunda was our host for day two on our journey through Mpumalanga. A relatively small town that is filled with optimism about the future of the industry. We met with plumbers who literally helped build the town and they were excited to share their stories and how they see the future of plumbing panning out.
Mpumalanga gave us a lot of confidence in the PIRB’s pursuit to professionalise plumbing throughout the country in that there is such a huge interest in getting qualified and registered. A huge thank you to Plumblink, Middleburg and Build It Secunda for hosting us! Next up, we are going to the Zulu kingdom, KwaZulu-Natal. We will see you there!


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