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Plumbing Inspections

Logging compliance certificate

All Plumbing Compliance Certificate issued must be logged within five days with the Plumbing Industry Registration Board through the relevant web page or by contacting the Plumbing Industry Registration Board.

The following details from the issued Plumbing Compliance Certificate must be logged:

  • Your licence registration number
  • The compliance certificate number
  • The numeric code(s) of work undertaken (see compliance certificate for codes)
  • The postcode where the work was undertaken.

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance Audits (Inspections)

To ensure that plumbing work, certified through compliance certificates, meets the standard required to ensure consumer safety, the Plumbing Industry Registration Board conducts compliance audits.

A minimum of five per cent, randomly selected of all Plumbing Certificates of Compliance logged will be audited, ensuring that the relevant plumbing laws and standards are being met. Audits are conducted by PIRB Plumbing Auditors. Their role is to conduct on-site assessments of the work performed, against the particular Plumbing compliance certificate lodged and the plumbing laws and standards.