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Once a plumber has Registered with the PIRB, they will receive an identification card which will prove their status at the PIRB.

The ID Card contains the following elements:

  1. PIRB Branded
  2. ID photo
  3. PIRB registration number
  4. Renewal date
  5. Name and surname
  6. Designation
  7. Current employer
  8. Specialisations (if any)
  9. Plumbing CoC categories the card holder may purchase and issue

All PIRB Registered plumbers are required to carry these PIRB ID Cards as proof of their accreditation and Registration. Photo ID Cards assist PIRB registered plumbers to quickly and clearly identify themselves as holding the appropriate accreditation which ensures consumer trust and confidence. PIRB ID Cards are also required when purchasing CoC’s.

If your card is lost or stolen, inform the PIRB immediately by calling 0861 747 275 or emailing