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Q: Is the PIRB a money making scheme?
A: The PIRB is a Non Profit Organisation.

Q: What does the PIRB do for me?
A:The PIRB is a professional board and registrar of plumbers in South Africa. According to the SANS you have to be registered as a licensed plumber to issue CoC’s. In addition to this, all PIRB registered plumbers are qualified and properly accredited which promotes pride and accountability within the plumbing industry. The CPD process allows plumbers to up-skill themselves continuously which makes them the best in the industry as well as respected professional tradespeople.

Q: What is the difference between IOPSA and PIRB?
A: The PIRB is a professional board that is a registrar of individual South African plumbers.
IOPSA is an association that provides an industry forum for plumbers, suppliers, manufacturers, professional specifiers, building & drainage authorities. Great importance is attached to skills development and the maintenance of standards. IOPSA is the QCTO Assessment Quality Partner for the Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump Qualifications in South Africa.

Q: Can I complain about other plumbers?
A: You may complain in writing and email info@pirb.co.za and the matter will be investigated accordingly.

Q: Can the PIRB assist with technical questions?
A: The PIRB can assist with CoC related questions but most technical questions should be directed to IOPSA who have a specialised department to assist.