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On the 21st to the 22nd of February, the PIRB and IOPSA honored an invite to provide training based on the principles of plumbing from the South African Local Government Association (SALGA). SALGA is on a drive to ensure that municipalities are turned into professional and responsive entities, and the plumbing industry lent it’s experts to provide training on the principles of the industry and role it plays in society.

The two-day session took place at Monate Lodge in Modimolle, Limpopo and saw Allen Scholtz, a representative of the PIRB, present on the second day. Allen presented to an intimate audience at the lodge, educating attendees about the PIRB as the only recognised professional body for plumbers in South Africa, as well as the role it has played in working towards professionalising the plumbing industry at large.

The PIRB will be represented at more of these educational engagements across the country through the course of the year in the pursuit of emphasising on the principles of plumbing and continue the effort to professionalise plumbing throughout South Africa.


By Keke Khabele

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