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New PIRB system and website: Here’s what you need to know

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Extra Features: 

  • The new system will allow plumbers to purchase COC’s in real-time. This means that plumbers can order COC’s online, and once its paid, it will be allocated immediately. No more waiting!
  • The new PIRB website will boast a better login portal and navigation bar.
  • Plumbers will be able to update applications themselves.

Extra security measures:

  • The new system will require plumbers to log in with their email addresses and NOT their registration numbers. That’s why every registered plumber should make sure that their details with the PIRB are correct.
  • It is crucial that each and every registered plumber use their OWN email address. Two or more plumbers will not be able to use the same email address.
  • Another feature includes the use of One Time Passwords (OTP’s).
  • Before a plumber can order/log a COC, they will be required to enter a One Time Pin. It is, therefore, imperative that each registered plumber’s cellphone number is updated on the PIRB’s system.


If you have to update your information with the PIRB, please email or call the PIRB at 0861 747 275 or 012 654 8245. 

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