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Leaders In Plumbing

Leaders – Watt’s Plumbing

Water is an important element for survival and plumbing has played a major part in how civilizations have evolved. Plumbing came during ancient civilisations when cities were developing and needed ways to irrigate their crops and provide wastewater removal and portable water.

In the years since, plumbing has come to play a vital role in the progression of society and systems that contributed to what we have come to know. Many individuals have contributed to the growth and progression of plumbing over the years in their own unique way.

Following obtaining his red seal qualification in 1997, Charles Watt founded Watt’s Plumbing. Watt’s plumbing began with one vehicle on the road and a hand full of employees as they started building the company and their reputation.

In 2005, Charles Watt saw a gap in the market and invested in leak detection equipment. This enabled the company to start specializing in finding leaks, resulting in a stellar reputation of finding even the most difficult to detect leaks. Watt continued to reinvent himself and his company in order to compete at the highest level.

Watt’s plumbing is registered with the City of Cape Town, PIRB and a member of IOPSA. In addition, they sit on panels for various insurance companies and won numerous ‘Outstanding Service Provider of the year’ awards with Outsurance. This is a company that, over time, has set high standards for itself and the services it provides, with leadership that isn’t afraid to grow and take risks. In 2017, during the drought in the Western Cape, Watt’s Plumbing developed and manufactured a water saving device for plumbers, which was named Wattapac, with the motto ‘prevention is better than intervention’.

Charles Watt is an exemplary leader that has led a company to a constantly excellent service provider and innovator. These are the individuals that move the plumbing industry in the right direction. The company has trained many apprentices over the years, and they strive to instill high values in their staff to provide the public with quality workmanship. Watt’s Plumbing, with Mr. Watt at the helm, maintain a high standard that will ensure the competitiveness of the company for years to come.


Written by Keke Khabele

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