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KZN Relief Fund

The plumbing industry has extended far beyond taking care of our water systems. Their efforts following the KwaZulu Natal floods have shown the importance of community and taking care of one another. The Institute of Plumbing South Africa (IOPSA) took initiative when one of their own befell to tragedy in the beginning of the KZN floods. What started as a small initiative for a single individual ended up become a plumbing industry relief fund that assisted more members of the community.

At first, the funds were to assist Petrus Nkopane, a plumber who sadly lost his 3 children and all his possessions in April 2022. The story of Petrus was the catalyst to what would become a symbol of communal support in tough times.

The Relief Fund was open until the 29th of April and a phenomenal R142 000 was raised! This was then extended to the first week of June due to unforeseen payment delays.

A momentous thank you goes out to the donors.

The funds went towards buying clothes, furniture items and food supplies for the victims. Further efforts went into rebuilding a home for the bereaved Petrus. The working team for the house held a meeting at BuildIt head office on the 26th of May. Thanks to the alliance among key role players of the plumbing industry, the victims are rebuilding their lives again.

The KZN floods, although tragic, proved once again that in times of need we can come together to make a significant difference in people’s lives. Inspired by Petrus’ story, IOPSA has shown tremendous leadership and heart to create a process of rebuilding the lives and dignities of those affected.

Written by Naomi Bango

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