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Induction Programme FAQ



What is an induction programme?

An induction programme is the process used within many businesses to welcome anyone new to the company and prep them on the inner workings of the company. It ultimately helps in the integration of people into the organisation.

In this case, plumbers who register with the PIRB, those who want to renew their registration and those who need to take steps in order to be reinstated on the PIRB’s system, will be required to watch the required induction videos and complete an assessment.

What is the purpose of the PIRB’s induction programme?

These induction videos will ultimately prepare and update plumbers on how the PIRB works and why we are doing what we do.

“At the moment the PIRB’s assessments are about technical standards and not about how we as a professional body work exactly – so that’s why we introduced these inductions,” says Lea Smith of the PIRB. “These videos will ultimately help people understand what we do.”

Where can I access the induction programme?

Plumbers can access the PIRB’s induction programme via IOPSA’s E-Learning management system over here or via their PIRB profile at

What is IOPSA’s E-Learning management system?

IOPSA E-Learning management system is a platform and marketplace that enables anyone, anywhere, be it training providers, private institutes or individuals to create and share relevant educational courses, for access by the South African Plumbing community, all be it for free or paid.

I cannot register an account on the management system. What can I do?

Please email

If I have issues with the programme itself, who can I contact?

If you have any queries or concerns relating to the PIRB’s induction programme please contact

Is it compulsory to do the induction programme?

It is compulsory for ALL new registrations, but not for those who want to renew their registrations with the PIRB.

When registering with the PIRB, plumbers will be required to complete the induction programme as well as complete and pass the required Core Assessment in order for their registration to be complete.

Plumbers will then receive a certificate on completion, and this will need to be submitted for activation of registration.

Why would I do the induction programme upon renewal?

The induction programme is not compulsory for plumbers who renew their registration with the PIRB, but plumbers will be able to log CPD points once they’ve completed the short assessments attached to the programme. Plumbers will be able to log up to 4 CPD points when doing the required induction programme within two months from their renewal date, after which plumbers will only be able to log 2 CPD for re-registration. Plumbers who successfully complete the assessments will be able to claim their 4 CPD points by using the applicable certificate as proof.

In this case of corrective action, how will I know if I have to do the induction programme?

You will be notified by the PIRB’’s audit department. This will be introduced to plumbers through a letter.

What does the induction programme consist of?

The induction programme consists of the following course modules: An Introduction, About PIRB, Ethics, Registration and Renewals, Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Certificate of Compliance (COC), Audits, PIRB Online System, Standards and Bylaws and the Core Assessment.

In what language is the PIRB’s induction programme available?

The PIRB’s induction programme is offered in 4 languages – English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Sepedi. This means that ONLY the subtitles in the respective language will be available on the videos and that all assessments will be done in the respective language. All other information and content of the course will still be delivered in English.

Do I have to complete the PIRB’s induction course in one sitting?

No, you will be able to complete the modules at your own pace.