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Important PIRB Registration Information

Register icon from Pixabay

Please take note of the PIRB Registration Procedure:

When applying to register with the PIRB as a Qualified Plumber, kindly note that the process can take ten working days if;
  • The PIRB Registration Form is filled in and complete
  • The Declaration form is signed
  • Each page of the Registration Form is initialed
  • A colour ID photo is attached
  • The copy of your trade qualification is attached (if applicable)
  • The copy of speculations certificate is attached (if applicable)

If any of the above documentation is not complete or missing, the application procedure is put on hold. Plumbers will be notified of this. Delays can occur if the Verification Centres are delayed from their side.

  • Once he application has been approved, a pro-forma invoice will be sent to the contact details that appear on the application form
  • Only once payment has been received, will the PIRB continue with the application registration on the PIRB database

For further enquiries, email or call 0861 747 275

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