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What is Plumber Registration?

PIRB works proactively to promote good plumbing practices that protect the health and safety of the community, the integrity of the water supply and waste water systems, by providing a comprehensive registration system for individual qualified plumbers and monitoring their performance through a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and auditing process.

For the benefit of all South Africans:
PIRB encourages and promotes plumbing outcomes that are legally compliant and sustainable, as well as to protect the health, safety and effective use of water which ensures the protection of consumers and the environment.

Why Register?
Many people may claim to be plumbers but are not accredited appropriately or are perhaps not competent to perform plumbing work. This not only poses a risk to the consumer but the plumbing industry as a whole, by diminishing the quality and standard of work, legal compliance and accountability required by law.

Registration with PIRB affords you the opportunity to be recognised in the plumbing industry because you have met the appropriate criteria to operate as a qualified plumber in South Africa.