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Creating a franchise plumbing business

I, Neville Cynkin of Neville’s Plumbing am in favour of creating a franchise plumbing system.
My intention will be starting a plumbing business in Johannesburg North, then branching out to Johannesburg East, South, and West.

If this concept takes off I would then franchise businesses in Cape Town, Durban and the Free State.
If this is successful, I would then start a business in Pretoria and also in little towns.
I would advertise in the above areas, give training to the start up business owners. I would buy material in bulk and try and get maximum discounts and pass the lower prices on to the franchisees. I will take a flat 15% on the net profit each month from each business and also advertise for them which will be in my 15% mark up of net profits. We will work in a group to get maximum exposure and create ideas within the organisation.

I will supply certain material to the franchise businesses. My initial start up fee of R25000,00 will include all legal fees and administration costs, including stationery and printing. The businesses would all have one name. If all goes well the plan would be to open a plumbing retail business which will supply the franchise outlets at a special reduced price and also to other plumbers and the public.
My idea is to be completely BEE-compliant. This is to be totally the way forward, everyone must be equal and treated equally.

When I was an apprentice a well experienced black man, who was well qualified and experienced could not use an automatic Hilti Gun. The man would have to pass the Hilti Gun to me to shoot bolts into the wall for waste pipe stacks and downpipes. This was truly a shameful system. Thankfully, things are different today and everyone is equal.
I will encourage my franchisees to employ apprentices and register them with the Department of Labour. They must be licensed plumbers and licensed drain layers – they must also be PIRB registered. These qualifications will stand them in good stead whether they remain on in South Africa or go overseas.

Vehicles must be clean at all times. Overalls must also be neat as well as the work premises being kept neat and must be open for inspection. It is important to have monthly meetings, either in person or by zoom, with all the franchisees in order to partake and share ideas and give input. This almost makes them a big family and makes things informal. I will be available at all times to be contacted if problems arise. This type of business promises to be a successful venture and I am looking forward to the challenge.

Written by competition winner, Neville Cynkin

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