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#CPD – The Plumber’s Voice

CPD - The Plumber’s Voice

For CPD Points!

Calling all PIRB registered plumbers,

The PIRB wishes to grant plumbers the opportunity to accumulate CPD points through ‘The Plumber’s Voice’.

This will give plumbers the chance to write informative, engaging, and professional articles for the PIRB’s blog – which you can find by clicking on the following link.

This means that your article can be published on the PIRB’s website.

As this will eventually be for CPD points, there are a few things to take note of:


  • Should you want to write an article for publication, the following requirements will be implemented:
  • A minimum word count of 500 will be set in place (more than 500 words is also encouraged)
  • Articles must be relevant to the plumbing industry and its progression
  • Research and facts will be fact-checked
  • Opinion pieces are welcome if it is substantiated with facts and data
  • Writers must include references from SANS codes and trusted industry sources
  • Articles will be checked and approved by the relevant parties involved

How can I submit my article?

Articles must be written on a Word document, with the following heading and details:

Name and Surname
Registration Number
For submission: The Plumber’s Voice
Contact number:
Email address:


Plumbers will also be required to submit a photo and short biography of themselves on page 2.

When should I submit my article?

Articles must be submitted by the 25th of each month.
Relevant parties of the PIRB reserves the right to decline/edit articles should they see fit.

CPD allocation:

CPD points for articles will be as follows:

  • 3 points for publication– limited to 6 points a year (even if it’s a five-part series.)
  • 0.5 Points for submission, if not published. Capped at two points a year.
  • Plagiarism of any sort will not be tolerated.
  • The PIRB will not allocate any CPD points if the article is not up to standard.


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