What is Continuous Professional Development or CPD?
CPD can be defined as the systematic maintenance, improvement, and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional and technical duties throughout a person’s plumbing career.

What does that mean to me?
As a plumber you will need to obtain and accumulate CPD credits to maintain your registration with the PIRB on a yearly basis.

How do I obtain and accumulate the CPD credits?
By doing various activities that improve and broaden your knowledge and skills and develop personal qualities.

What activities must I do to obtain my CPD credits?
There are three main areas of activity that you can undertake to obtain your CPD credits from:

Category 1: Developmental Activities:
Development CPD Activities are related to a structured educational and developmental meetings, seminars, and training programs.
Category 2: Work-based Activities:
Work-based CPD Activities are related to any work-based related plumbing activities. These activities may include, but not be limited to, learner mentorship programs and issuing of plumbing certificates of compliance.
Category 3: Individual Activities:
As the name implies, individual CPD Activities are related to activities undertaken by each relevant individual. These activities may include, but not be limited to, serving on a voluntary association related to the plumbing and/or building industry, writing a technical article, and/or part-time lecturing/training.

All activities must be approved and accredited by the PIRB before a CPD credit(s) may be allocated to the relevant activities and be awarded to the relevant registered person.

Where do I find a list of these activities?
Click here to find the latest activities

It is important to note that a registered person do various activities from at least two of the categories with a mandatory minimum of 50% of the CPD credits coming from category 1 activities.

How many CPD credits do I require?
The number of credits that you will require is 25 credits per registration cycle.

What is the Registration Cycle?
A Registration cycle is a 12-month period that runs concurrently with your yearly renewal registration period with the PIRB. So if your date of registration with the PIRB is 1 July, your CPD registration cycle runs from 1 July to 30 June the following year.

How do I keep track of my CPD credits?
As the registered plumber you need to keep track of CPD credits and keep all evidence relating to the CPD activity. Evidence must be kept for a minimum of two years and the PIRB may request proof of this evidence at any point during this period.

How do I record my CPD credits with the PIRB?
Every time that you have obtained any form of credits, you may download, complete, and return the CPD Activity Registration Form to the PIRB, upon which the PIRB will record the relevant CPD credits on your registration profile.