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Company Registration FAQ

Why should I register my company with the PIRB?

Along with PIRB’s consumer focus drive, a consumer tends to engage with a plumbing company rather than individual plumbers. As a result, the PIRB has introduced the ability to search for plumbing companies which in turn allows for the consumer to search for a PIRB registered company. Registered PIRB companies will also allow:

  • A company to manage and monitor their PIRB registered plumbers, PIRB licensed plumbers.
  • A company to purchase, manage and allocate Certificate of Compliance (CoC’s) to the company’s active licensed plumbers.
  • A company to manage their own company profile showing the type of work activities and specialisations that the company undertakes and the area they operate in.

Are there any costs involved in registering my company?

No, PIRB company registration is free. However, a PIRB registered company must have at least one active PIRB licensed plumber reflecting (employed) in their company profile, to be active.

What does the company registration have to do with the PIRB’s search button?

The PIRB search button will allow consumers the chance to search for PIRB registered plumbing companies based on the respective company’s profile details.

Why is it important to update my company profile?

Updating your company profile allows for better search results to be returned to a consumer searching for a plumbing service. For example: if your company does leak detection and this is not indicated on your profile when a consumer searches for a leak detection your company will not be returned to the consumer. Alternatively,  if you do not indicate the area your company operates in when a consumer searches for plumbers operating in their area, your company will not be returned to the consumer.

Which Plumbing Company results will be displayed first?

All plumbing company search results will be returned to the consumer alphabetically. However, in the coming months, the PIRB will be introducing a company performance based ranking system.

What is a performance-based ranking?

A performance-based ranking is a simple score of your company based on certain measurements. Company search results will be linked to this performance rating. This includes ratings and rankings linked to a company’s licensed plumber’s audit performances,  continuous professional development (CPD) points and other metrics. The PIRB will provide more details in the coming months when the performance rating is starting to be rolled out.

What if I choose not to be part of the PIRB consumer search?

Companies can choose not to be part of the PIRB consumer search function. If a company choose not to be part of the consumer search function, the company simply selects the option in their profile.

How can I register for PIRB’s company registration?

Your company may already be registered with the PIRB. To verify if this, go to the company login page,  click on the “Forgot Password” option and follow the prompts. Once you have the login, please update your company details.

If you are not registered, click on the following link and register your company by following the relevant prompts. Alternatively, email for assistance.

Will Company Registration allow me to logged Certificates of Compliance (CoC’s) by my company?

No, only active licensed plumbers are allowed to log CoC’s. However, a PIRB registered company will be allowed to purchase electronic CoC’s and in turn, manage and allocate the COC’s to the company’s active licensed plumbers.
Please note that all active licensed plumbers are still able to purchase CoC’s.

What is the process for registered plumbers to be linked under my company?

Registered plumbers will have to update their personal profile by indicating the respective company they are employed with. This will ensure that the plumber is ‘linked’ to the applicable company.

Where will I find the PIRB’s consumer search function?

You can find it on PIRB’s homepage via

Can I issue the COC’s as the owner of the company?

No, only active PIRB licensed plumber on the PIRB’s system will be able to issue and log CoC’s.

Does PIRB require any documents when registering the company?

No, one can simply complete all the necessary details and link individual PIRB registered plumbers in their employ to the company.

Does a company have to pay the renewal or registration fee?


Can I advertise as a PIRB Registered Company?

Yes, companies can do this by displaying the PIRB company insignia. This insignia can be obtained from the respective PIRB company profile.