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Company Details

Africa Plumbing

22 Banfield Street, Carletonville


Sole Proprietor All Plumbing related work according to SANS Scope of work includes  Geyser Installations according to the SANS standards  Certificate of Compliance (COC’s)  Drain cleaning with Electric Drain Machines  Sewer Drainage Installations  Underground floor heating Installations  Water & Heatpump Installations  Waterproofing and Flashing Installations  Solar Panels , Pool Pumps & Filer Installations - for Swimming Pools  Zozo Tanks for Rainwater Installations  All Plumbing Maintenance jobs  Housing Maintenance (Including Painting)


Service Categories

  • Geysers and Hot Water Systems
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Heat Pumps

Registered Plumbers/Technicians Working for the Company

Name Surname PIRB Designations Status
Shawn Loggenberg Licensed Plumber Active