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Company Branding

Company branding is vital in this day and age. It is an excellent marketing tool, but also to associate the branding with a specific company/ business/ industry. Once a business has established a solid branding logo, you never tamper or mess with the brand. The branding will tell the public who the company is, who they are dealing with and the reputation of the business.

Branded vehicles and clothing also serves as safety measures to the clients.  When a branded vehicle stops at a client’s house and/ or business, they will instantly identify the vehicle and company as they would have expected them. Additionally, the branded clothing of the company will identify its employee(s). In other words, the employee in his/her branded clothing is a representative of the company.  It just gives the client peace of mind. It becomes self explanatory that the person is not a stranger that was picked up at the robots to assist the artisan for the day.  Most people are safety-conscious and will feel more at ease with a reputable branded company and its workers.

I went the extra mile to link my name to my business branding. The public like to deal with a person, not just with a business. I made it personal, as a “go to person” for the public. The main reason for linking my name to the business is to show that I am not ashamed of our quality standards and workmanship. A person can lose your business, but they can never lose your name. Your name says it all. And branding identifies the business, the company and its workers! And what a way to advertise your business for free. You expose your business all over where you go.

Written by competition winner, Francois du Toit

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