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Changing the perception of the plumbing industry

My journey towards my career path was the result of my lack of academic performance during my schooling, this led me to a trade orientated path in the plumbing industry.

Once this journey began, I took a liking to the technical aspect of plumbing and how each component influences the performance of the installation. Given the tools from college, I started my appreciation of this new path. I was intrigued by how to apply these technical skills to the physical aspect of the work.

When I was ready to start my own business, my task was to change the way people perceived plumbers from the typical stereotype of “butt crack” men who came into your home to repair a leak. We are more than that, we are people who are not only an essential part of running water and hygiene to your homes. Plumbers are skilled professionals who take the time to improve their skills, run businesses, take on the responsibility to employ people and uplift communities. This gives everyone a chance to be more than what they were boxed in to believe.

We are fathers, mothers, employers, employees, we are your neighbours that work in sometimes challenging environments while others have the warmth and comfort of an office. We ensure that the country has running water, move into new homes, open clinics or hospitals that serve the surrounding areas by giving them medical care. We are a family of people who have taken oaths to provide quality services for the end users so that they can enjoy the comforts of warm showers and working toilets that we installed – come rain or sunshine – in their homes or places of work.

Let this be a beacon for someone who wants to start in the plumbing industry to walk tall and proud in their choice and know that their role in this country is one that won’t be overlooked and one that is acknowledged for its worth.

Written by article competition winner from Edge Plumbing, Garth Watkins

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