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Certificate of Compliance 101

A certificate of compliance (COC) is a formal document through which a Professional Licensed Plumber can self-certify his/ her work. A COC ensures that Licensed plumbers comply with all regulatory installation requirements and are held accountable for the work they deliver. Since the latest changes to SANS 10254, plumbers have lately been concerned about the COC and the discussions surrounding it. Well, we are here to set your mind at ease by presenting you with the facts.

The current status of the COC:

    • SANS 10254 has been amended with the significance being that the COC has been removed.
    • The removal of the COC from SANS 10254, has removed a critical safety element and thus exposed the health and safety of consumers.
    • There is a false misconception, that other Acts and Regulations mandate the issuing of a COC for geyser replacement or repairs. SANS 10254 was the only requirement.
    • The right to issue the COC was solely that of the Professional Licensed and qualified Plumber, and as such this has created an empty space for our Profession, opening the door to unscrupulous individuals and non-licensed plumbers to operate again.
    • On a positive note, the Plumbing industry representative bodies have been proactively engaging with DOL and other organs of state, so as to bring the critical safety component element of COC into the PER and OHS, similar to that of gas, fire, and electrical.
    • These engagements are ongoing, and we are pleased to say that they are at an advanced stage.

So what then?

    • In terms of SANS 10254, there will be no requirement to issue a PIRB COC.
    • All other standards, regulations, and laws that require a PIRB COC still remain in place.
    • The absence of SANS 10254 means anyone can issue a COC.
    • If anyone can issue a CoC and there isn’t a system that proactively monitors the plumbing installations ie Audit system, this puts the plumber and consumer at risk.
    • Make use of the PIRB CoC’s because it promotes compliance in the plumbing industry, and protects the consumer and the environment.
    • The PIRB COC, therefore, provides an industry-driven solution, to ensure credibility and support.

As professionals who protect our communities and people, reliability and trustworthiness lie at the top of our list. We ought to maintain credibility and continue to uplift our respected industry. For more information from the Chairman, click here.

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