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Audit Process


Professional Body Status No: PIRB831

Audit process:

Audits are conducted by qualified experienced trained plumbers authorised by the Plumbing Industry Registered Board to perform the function. PIRB Plumbing Auditors are registered with the PIRB and carry identification cards.

If roof work is involved, you must provide safe access to the roof. You must also have a copy of the compliance certificate on-site and the relevant SANS installation standards when the audit is conducted. Further information on what may be required to conduct the audit should be discussed when arranging the audit.

If a test is required during the audit, such as a pressure test, you will be required to attend the audit with all the testing equipment. If the installation is large or complex, you should advise the auditor when arranging the audit to allow sufficient time for the audit to take place.

The PIRB Plumbing Inspector will conduct an audit to confirm compliance with national standards and regulations.  Penalties apply if you fail to provide details or fail to meet the auditor at the site. You must meet the auditor at the agreed time and site, and provide access to the total installation.

How will I know if my work has been selected for an audit?
If the work you have performed and certified is selected for a compliance audit, you will be contacted by the PIRB Plumbing Auditors. You will be asked for details of were the work was performed and arrangements will need to be arranged with the relevant person for the audit to be undertaken. Audits are usually carried out between 7am-4pm.

What happens if my work does not pass an audit?
If the audited work is found to be non-complying, you will be advised of the issues requiring attention in the form of a Rectification The notification will be sent to you via an e-mail and details of rectification notice will be available on your PIRB profile. You are required to rectify the work in the time period specified by the auditor, this is usually 5 days. The work may then be re-inspected and failure to rectify the work may result in a suspension from the PIRB.

What if you disagree with an audit result?
If you disagree with the result of an audit on your work, you should put your concerns in writing to the Plumbing Industry Registration Board by completing the disagreement with Audit form.