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All applicants applying for any of the PIRB Licensed Plumber designation must have passed a plumber trade test as specified in the Manpower training act section 28 or 13 and/or have obtained a plumbing qualification in terms of the Skills Development Act, before being considered to be assessed on the relevant PIRB Licensed Plumber designation. 

Q: Why must I do an assessment with the PIRB?
A: The assessment is simply to check that your knowledge is up to date with the SANS requirements.

Q: How do I choose a date for my assessment?
A: Once you have registered and paid, you may email to enquire as to which dates are available?

Q: Is the assessment online?
A: The assessment is online, alternatively, you may write the assessment at the PIRB office in Centurion, Pretoria. Please make sure you have confirmed your assessment date.

Q: What do I need to know for the assessment?
A: All PIRB registered practitioners are required to possess the following documentation:
SANS 10254, SANS 10252 Part 1 & 2, SANS 10400 (A18), General plumbing industry knowledge.