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Addressing South Africa’s leadership bankruptcy

Written by Eamonn Ryan

The PIRB intends on putting its foot forward in a big way next year, with a number of initiatives in the planning stage, says Rendani Tshivhula, PIRB marketing manager.

“We’re putting together our 2022 marketing strategy and it’s obviously too early to discuss anything in substance – but plumbers should expect an active year in which the PIRB fully expects to reach out to a wider audience. We really want to get the message out there, that consumers should use only a professionally qualified plumber (who also gives back to the community).

“One of our major giving-back initiatives, for instance, will be with the School of Leadership, which is one of the PIRB’s strategic partners. Together, we are investing time and resources in developing young leaders of the future because we feel this is the only way South Africa can develop in the right direction. We want young people to understand the concept of leadership – that it is not just about a title or position but is about influence and personal development through having them find their niche in life,” says Tshivhula.

The School of Leadership is an organisation established by a plumber Anton Venter, who is also part of the PIRB. The School of Leadership is committed to the development of the youth of Southern Africa. It operates a five-year program of character and leadership development that enables young men and women to become successful in the world of work.

“This partnership is about our passion to help people reach their full potential. Young people often fail to reach their desired potential because their identity is never unlocked. The program does not try inspiring youth to become anything other than what they identify as their purpose once they’ve figured out who they really are. Only once that’s done can someone achieve their maximum potential.

“There is a serious dark cloud hanging over the youth today through lack of identity. For this reason, mental health is a real problem affecting this generation. We’re addressing this through helping them figure out who they are, and thereafter to invest in themselves so they can be the best they can.

“To accomplish this there are online courses, adventure and leadership camps, we visit the full range of educational establishments – primary schools, high schools and institutions of higher learning, and also corporates. Leadership has no limitations as to age, gender or anything else,” says Tshivhula.

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