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Get to know your board members: Daniel Pentasaib

Get to know your board members: Daniel Pentasaib

Since its inception in 2009, the PIRB’s main objective has been to legitimize and professionalise the plumbing industry through keeping a register of qualified plumbers. For this to be possible, veterans of the plumbing industry came together to bring about much needed change to what had become of the industry.

The PIRB, as custodians of plumbing, elect an executive membership to ensure the implementation of guidelines and policies that are meant to move the plumbing industry forward. This executive board encompasses members with varying backgrounds that are all in some way connected to the plumbing industry.

One of the executive board members entrusted in the pursuit of the professionalization of plumbing is Daniels Pentasaib. Daniels brings with him 36 years of experience in the built environment, 29 of which was with the local government in the building control department. Daniels also holds an Architecture qualification.

As part of the board’s mission, Daniel believes that it is important to bring about control in all aspects of the plumbing industry, emphasizing that legislation must be amended in order to recognize the PIRB as a professional registration body. In addition, Daniels states that he sees the industry in the next few years as being professionalised together with a high level of regulatory control and qualitative work within the industry.

Being part of such an enormous task could mean there are certain limitations and challenges the board members face. The PIRB is an NPO and does not employ the members and being employed full time means that Daniels has certain restrictions and limitations. However, this does not hinder his vigor to see the plumbing industry growing to even better heights. Collectively, what the board hopes to achieve is seeing the industry being professionalized and the implementation of qualitative works and compulsory registration of all plumbers in the industry through legislation.

An implementation of significant change within an industry that has for a long period been set back is a difficult task, but not an impossible one to overcome. Daniels Pentasaib is an exemplary member of the PIRB executive and a representative who sees a future with a thriving and professionalised plumbing industry.

Written by Keke Khabele

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