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Master Plumber Recognition ceremony

Leadership and thriving for the best took centre stage at the IOPSA Plumbing awards held at the Royal elephant hotel this past week. The awards were to highlight and celebrate plumbing companies and individuals that go the extra mile to uplift and care for our communities.

From people who just joined the industry to people who have built successful businesses, the awards highlighted people at all levels of the journey. Among those, were some of the most skilled and experienced plumber equipped to take the lead for the next generation of plumbers. As with all industries, the Plumbing Industry also has its champions – men and women who give direction and lead the industry. In our industry, these people are called ‘Master Plumbers’.

These are the people who have taken great lengths to advance their knowledge and skills. They have come forth to selflessly share this knowledge with plumbers in South Africa. To recognise and celebrate their efforts, the PIRB Master Plumber ceremony at the IOPSA Awards honoured these leaders in an official and respectable way.

A huge congratulations goes to the following Master Plumbers:

Stephen Brown

Henry Bonthuys

William Edward Swift

Nicolaas Johannes Jacobus Joubert

Mehendra Sewpersadh

Petrus Naude


Adriaan Myburgh

Richard Bailie

Neil Ridley

Clive van Niekerk

Duncan Keil

Rudy Glock

Xolani Memela

It is important to highlight people that are doing well and taking the lead in their industries. On a micro scale, the Plumbing Industry Registration Board highlights this through the Leaderboard. This is a ranking system that shows people who strive to be the best through the knowledge they acquire in professional development. On a macro scale, the IOPSA awards and Master Plumber Recognition Programs bring to light the people that contribute to this great industry, plumbing.

As we continue with the second half of the year, we continue to strive to be the best in our lives and the communities we serve. Aspire to inspire.

Written by Naomi Bango

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