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New Technologies

New Technologies

Every day we make use of the bathroom without even thinking about it. It is almost as if it was second nature, but there was a period none of these were available to us. Plumbing has made unimaginable strides and it is nothing short of a miracle about how far it has come. Through the years, various plumbing system developments have been made, some failed and some influenced major progress to where we currently find ourselves.

The first water pipes were invented in 3500 BC, while the first flushing toilet came along in 1596. There is a huge gap between the invention of the first water pipe and the first official flushing toilet. This goes to show how much time (with numerous failures in between) historically, it took to innovate and change systems for the betterment and progress of society.

New developments in plumbing, directly or otherwise, improve the quality of our lives for the better. As plumbers and plumbing companies, knowing what new products and technologies are out there provides an advantage to the kinds of solutions and services you can provide your clients with. Being ahead of the curve in terms of knowing which new products are on the market ensures that you have a competitive edge. Today’s consumers are considerably informed and savvy, and when they ask questions regarding new technologies for their homes, you as a service provider should already have all the answers.

Technological advancements in plumbing are not only limited to actual physical products, but progress also involves technology that will make the work safer, save plumbers time and market their businesses well. The impact of technology in a modern plumbing company is immense. Where one can save time means that more work can be done on other projects which can make a company even more profitable, but also efficient.

The advancement of technology within the plumbing industry is twofold. Firstly, products that are being developed are meant to have an impact on how consumer’s lives can be made a little better with products such as pipes that have built in alerts informing homeowners if there is a leak. This can save the homeowner huge sums of money just by knowing this information before the damage is bigger. Secondly, as a plumbing company these new creations can save time, money and possibly provide a much safer way to work.

The future of plumbing technologies looks to be on the right trajectory, but what is more exciting is how much green plumbing is preferred throughout. Using electricity for heating water will soon become a thing of the past, looking at how people prefer energy efficiency over outdated methods.

Plumbing companies that have made a concerted effort to proactively embrace new technologies have an advantage over their competitors but are also ambassadors for technologies that can save water and electricity, things we do not have an abundance of currently. Every business growth strategy should have technology at its center. You will never be ill-equipped to handle anything thrown your way if you’re up to date with all industry developments and inventions. Embrace technology, do not get left behind.

Written by Keke Khabele

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