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Renewal Process

How to renew your PIRB practitioner membership.

Renewal Fees

The cost of renewing your PIRB membership.

Renewal Form

Download and complete your renewal form now.

Update Info Form

Update your membership information.

Renewal Stats

Statistics around the plumbing industry registration board.

Renewal FAQ’s

Frequently asked Questions for membership renewal.

PIRB plumbers are recognized and competent tradespeople who are properly accredited. Renewing your PIRB membership annually ensures that you remain a recognized plumber as well as being able to issue Certificates of Compliance.

Why renew?

  • Distinguished PIRB registered plumbers are respected within the industry
  • PIRB registered plumbers are recognized and preferred by the community
  • Uphold the pride, accountability and professionalism within the industry
  • Raise the standard of plumbing work in South Africa
  • Promote public trust in plumbers and plumbing within South Africa
  • Ensuring compliance and industry standards by issuing the PIRB Plumbing Certificate of Compliance as per the South African National Standards requirements
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