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Q: When do I get my PIRB ID Card?
A: If your card has to be sent via the post office or couriers, you will be notified accordingly as to what time span to expect.
Registrations – when the assessment has been passed.
Renewals – When payment has been received and cleared in the PIRB bank account.

Q: Why should I register?
A: It is a SANS stipulation that only a PIRB registered plumber may purchase and issue CoC’s and that CoC’s have to be issued when installing, repairing or doing maintenance on geysers. Municipalities, Insurance companies and the Building Industry require PIRB Plumbing certificates (CoC’s) in order to comply with SANS.

Q: Can I make payment without completing the necessary registration forms?
A: Only once all the necessary documentation is complete and received by the PIRB, can the amount that has to be paid be invoiced, payment only happens upon invoicing.

Q: Can I update my information?
A: Please contact to update personal or business information. An update or renewal form will be sent to you to complete and return.

Q: Where can I get my invoice?
A: Your invoice will be emailed to you by the department you are dealing with.

Q: Where can I get update forms?
A: Update/Renewal forms can be collected from the PIRB office, requested via email or downloaded off the PIRB website.