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Purchasing Plumbing C.O.C

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance may be purchased directly from the PIRB or from the relevant resellers (merchants) that stock the Plumbing Certificate of Compliance. Each Plumbing Certificate of Compliance comes in a triplicate form with the top copy to be given to the owner, the 2nd copy to given to local authorities, municipalities and/or insurance if relevant and the last copy to be kept in a secure place by the licensed plumber as part of their administration process

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance can be purchased by licensed plumbing practitioners through any of the following methods:

  • Over the counter at the Plumbing Industry Registration Board office’s.
  • Certificates will be couriered securely to the Licensed Plumber. The cost of the courier services will be bore by the Licensed Plumber.


  • Paper: R171.15
  • Electronic: R162.01

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