Welcome to PIRB

In keeping with the proposed new labour regulations, and; also the compulsory regulations being developed under the Water Services Act, and; also the requirements of an increasing number of local authorities for registration of plumbers, the Institute of Plumbing of South Africa had commissioned the establishment of inclusive system of registration of all levels of participants practicing in the plumbing industry.

pirb-imageUnder the auspices of the Plumbing Industry, formally represented by the Institute of Plumbing of South Africa this body has been named the “Plumbing Industry Registration Board” (PIRB).

This initiative was started principally to promote plumbing outcomes that are legally compliant, sustainable and to protect the health, safety and effective use of water and protection of the consumers and also the environment for all South Africans.

The PIRB to some extent is based on a model used by the Plumbing Industry Commission in the (Australian) State of Victoria for – training; qualification; standard setting; registration; licensing; inspection; enforcement; insurance of work; and quality assurance through the issuing of plumbing certificates of compliance. The World Plumbing Council has complimented this model as one worthy of emulation.