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Welcome to PIRB

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board is a professional body which registers individuals in the plumbing industry within South Africa. The PIRB work pro-actively to promote plumbing practices for the benefit of the plumber, consumer and the industry in general.

PIRB strives to:

  • Encourage continuous learning and skills development
  • Advance the National Qualifications Framework/NQF
  • Promote understanding and trust in the plumbing profession
  • Encourage responsibility and accountability
  • Promote pride
  • Protect the public

The PIRB is responsible for:

  • Registration and renewal of registration
  • Designation Assessments
  • Administering the Continual Professional Development/CPD program
  • Selling of PIRB Plumbing Certificates of Compliance
  • Certificate of Compliance Audits

Benefits of registering with the PIRB:

  • Professional tradesperson recognition
  • Ensuring legal compliance and safety in the industry
  • Increased consumer confidence in the industry
  • Uplifting and improving plumbing standards within the industry
  • Elevating the training standards
  • Assigning responsibility and accountability to individuals

Promoting and supporting a consistent and effective regulatory environment in South Africa