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What we do?

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board works proactively to promote better plumbing practices that;

  • providing a comprehensive registration system for plumbers
  • encouraging and monitoring the performance of plumbers
  • protect the health and safety of the community and environment
  • integrity of the water supply and waste water systems

PIRB is a trusted professional body as recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

The benefits of being a SAQA recognised professional body:

  • Recognition as trusted professional bodies through an Act of Parliament
  • Part of a national database of professional bodies that uphold high standards of competence and ethics
  • Registration of professional designations on the most comprehensive national database of learner achievements
  • Exposure to best practice through access to fora that improve professional bodies’ functions

Therefore, the PIRB, as a professional body promotes:

* Quality assurance within the plumbing industry
* Development of standards in the NQF environment
* Strengthening accountability within the plumbing profession
* Pride in the plumbing industry
* Fair policies and practices

SAQA Professional Body Recognition Number: PIRB831