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Q: How can I log CoC’s?
A: You can log CoC’s on the Plumbers App or on your PIRB profile.

Q: Why must I log a CoC?
A: A CoC is only valid if logged with the PIRB. Logged CoC’s can be tracked if there is a problem after issuing the CoC. Logged CoC’s are also audited which is part of the PIRB CoC process and constitution.

Q: How do I cancel a CoC?
A: Email and complete an affidavit form.

Q: Do I get a CoC back/replaced if I cancel it?
A: No.

Q: Why must I issue a CoC for a geyser?
A: It is a SANS 10254 requirement.

Q: Why do I have to pay for CoC’s?
A: The costs of a CoC include; the admin fee; the audit fee; printing fee; software fee; and the Re-seller’s fee; current VAT fee.