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Important CoC Information

Plumbing Certificates of Compliance are issued by licensed plumbers to certify that their plumbing work complies with all regulatory installation requirements and standards. A plumbing certificate of compliance will be issued for most plumbing work, including: Where the total value of work, including materials, labour and VAT, is more than R1 500.00 (material costs must [...]

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Plumbing as a career choice

Most people think that plumbing is dirty work or a non-skilled profession. This is false. To be a plumber you need to possess many different skills and competencies. Without plumbing, modern life would not exist. Even Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds in history said: “If I had my life to live over again, [...]

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Accumulate CPD credits monthly

The PIRB has many plumbers scrambling last minute to submit their CPD credits before their cycle expires. This is often done to avoid being demoted to a Qualified Plumber, who may no longer issue CoC’s due to not reaching their CPD credit quota within their cycle. Unfortunately, the plumbers doing this are missing the entire [...]

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