Four tips to help you keep your plumbing business thriving in January

A slow period in your plumbing business (like the month of January) can make you feel like you’re sinking, but there are ways to get out ahead of those problems, writes Michael Williams for Plumber Mag

When the phone is not ringing as fast as it’s supposed to and it seems like bills are coming in quicker than they normally do, staying focused and hungry for work is very important.

“I see so often that when times get tough, a lot of people quit,” writes Williams. “Instead of throwing in the towel, you have to get busy and do what you used to do to make the phone ring. I always tell people, ‘Never get comfortable’ — that’s when the phone stops ringing.”

He says that staying visible has always worked for him in the past.

“Stay visible and let people know how to get ahold of you. Make sure you have a very visible phone number on your truck so people can call you. This business is hard, yes, but it’s worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and I know a lot of you feel the same way.”

Michael went on to share four tips on how you can stay visible throughout the month of January:

 1. Make sure your phone number is everywhere. Make sure your phone number is visible everywhere.

2. It’s very important to make sure you answer your phone. If the phone rings, don’t discard any of those calls. Check on former customers to see how they’re doing. Send them thank-you cards. A lot of times we look for new customers, but we already have plenty of business — we just don’t stay plugged into it. You must check on your customers. Treat your customers like family because they are the ones helping you take care of your family.

3. Stay positive. Stay around positive people, people who are making it happen. If you have competitors around you and their phone is ringing, never be too proud to find out what they’re doing differently. Every little bit helps in business. It’s like a puzzle: We need certain pieces in place so we can finish the picture. It’s also important to remember when you go into business that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and always be looking to learn.

4. Give your employees bonuses. Let them know they should always be drumming up business wherever they go. Remind them that the more business they get, the more money they earn. Make it a game or competition. An employee of the week program where the winner gets a small bonus is always a motivator. It gives them a reason to want to drum up more business.

Another important thing to remember is to always provide excellent service so you keep the customers you already have. Let your employees know when they’re in a customer’s house to always go the extra mile and leave it better than they found it.

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