How to alleviate holiday stress surrounding your plumbing business

This time of the year is enjoyable in many ways, but it can also bring added personal stressors that affect both you and your employees within your plumbing business.

To get yourself, your business and your employees through the holiday season unscathed is no easy task but Anja Smith from Plumber Magazine says that with a bit of compassion, caring nature and staying mindful of the harsher realities of the holiday season, you can get through it with these helpful tips.

For your employees and co-workers:

Is it your business when other team members are struggling personally? Yes and no. It’s not about walking on eggshells or bending over backward. It’s not about letting people get away with bad behavior. In the plumbing industry, a distracted, tired, hungover or depressed employee can create disaster. This is about risk management.

Know the signs of anxiety and depression. According to Dr. Michael Wetter of Cedars-Sinai, extra stress, coupled with increasing feelings of isolation and loneliness can make mental health issues worse. If you think one of your co-workers or employees is dealing with anxiety or depression, check for signs like withdrawal from social situations, erratic or impulsive behavior, and increased irritability.

It’s not your job to diagnose or fix these issues, but you can create a bright spot in their day.

For yourself:

Your employees and co-workers aren’t the only ones who are human beings navigating a challenging season. Don’t forget to include self-care on your to-do list.

Take time for yourself. Like your employees, you have a lot on your plate this season. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are too busy to relax. That’s the stress talking, creating drama in your head. Everyone can afford a 15-minute break.

When you are overwhelmed, stressed out, anxious or experiencing sadness, take a few minutes.

For everyone else:

Customers, vendors, drivers on the highway, the guy in front of you at the big-box store with 13 fruitcakes in his cart — these people might have a hard time through the holidays too.

Don’t be pushy. Don’t guilt-trip people who won’t take part in holiday cheer. Not everyone celebrates and not everyone celebrates in the same way. You can be inclusive and welcoming while reading body language and social cues. Understand when to back off.

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