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How do I get CPD points ?

There are three main areas of activity that you can undertake to obtain your CPD credits from:

Category 1: Developmental Activities:

Development CPD Activities are related to a structured educational and developmental meetings, seminars, and training programmes.

Category 2: Work-based Activities:

Work-based CPD Activities are related to any work-based related plumbing activities. These activities may include, but not be limited to, learner mentorship programmes and issuing of plumbing certificates of compliance.

Category 3: Individual Activities:

As the name implies, individual CPD Activities are related to activities undertaken by each relevant individual. These activities may include, but not be limited to, serving on a voluntary association related to the plumbing and/or building industry, writing a technical article, and/or part-time lecturing/training.

All activities must be approved and accredited by the PIRB before a CPD credit(s) may be allocated to the relevant activities and be awarded to the relevant registered person.


You can pay for your registration online now..

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Pay online for your PIRB Plumbers registration, this new and easy process allows you to pay for your annual renewal online.
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Interactive PIRB Inspect-IT System for Licensed Plumbers launched.


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Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB)

The Plumbing Industry Registration Board is a Professional Body and works proactively to promote good plumbing practices that protect the health and safety of the community and integrity of the water supply and waste water systems by providing a comprehensive registration system for individual qualified plumbers and monitoring their performance through an Certificate of Compliance (CoC) and auditing process.

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